The gambling forum is a concept designed to allow people interested in the casino industry to express their opinions and share experiences or knowledge. A forum is a place where you can post questions, start a conversation about a particularly interesting topic and engage people to respond or discuss. 

In case of any problems or you simply need a bit of advice concerning gambling-related topics, online forums are the typical go-to. Here you can find many topics about how to find the best online casinos, learn more about specific games or pick up a few strategies. Also, you can find out more about peoples’ gambling experiences and learn from their mistakes. 

Gambling forums can come in handy to beginners as they make their first casino steps. The online gambling community will be there to help them out and show them the path. For this reason, we’ll focus on the online casino forums and the way how you can benefit from them. Read on for more. 

The Importance of Gambling Forums

The impact of the gambling community on the global casino landscape is significant. Players love to glimpse other people’s opinions before making a decision. This is how they gather information about which online casino to join, what to watch out for and which tactic to implement. It’s all based on random peoples’ experiences. 

As we all know, the gambling forum (any of them) is entirely anonymous. That brings up the question of trustworthiness. To put it another way, how can you know for sure whether the person’s tread is really based on real events or it’s a matter of pure fiction? In simple words: you don’t. However, there are some aspects to consider which go in the forums’ favor. 

Give someone a mask, and they’ll tell you the truth. How many times have you heard heroic stories about peoples’ gambling successes? But, somehow, you don’t hear about their failures very often. Once they’re sure their identity is hidden, people are more prone, to be honest. Hence, you can expect them to reveal even their darkest secrets. 

Thus, there’s a solid reason to conclude most things read on forums are true. Still, we leave some space to doubt if some topics are based on real-life casino events. To sum it up, there’s a realistic chance you’ll learn more about gamblers’ ups and downs anonymously, on forums, than in person. 

Best Gambling Forums

Gambling is one of peoples’ favorite pastimes. As such, it enjoys immense popularity among people worldwide. As a result, it became some sort of standard for people to gather on the gambling forum to share experiences. You can find a plethora of gambling communities that raise the most interesting, helpful, and intriguing topics. In the lines that follow, we’ll mention some of the best. 


This is one of the most popular online forum platforms in the world. As such, it gathers a great number of people interested in various topics. Reddit comprises several forums where people of diverse interests can share news and other content. Given its huge pool of contributors, no wonder why it features a massive selection of gambling topics. 

Casino players looking for some hot topics or pieces of advice on Reddit are spoilt for choice. Some of the most popular subreddit destinations are:

  • #Reddit Gambling
  • #Reddit Sportsbook
  • #Reddit Horse Racing
  • #Reddit Poker
  • #Reddit Roulette
  • #Reddit Blackjack
  • #Reddit Baccarat and more. 

Casinomeister Forum

The platform premiered in 1998. The Casinomeister website was created to maintain fair play at internet casinos. As such, this website is among the top online gambling watchdog portals. Like, this platform is there to educate, guide, or alert players about the newest events in the online gambling world. 

Given the circumstances, it’s no surprise why Casinomeister features one of the most visited and influential forums nowadays. The gambling forum platform boasts many topics essential to new and experienced punters. You can find threads about the best online casinos, slots forums, announcements, live casino promotions, complaints, and more. 


This platform is considered one of the largest online casino streaming communities. In addition, it has an active social gambling forum. For many years Casinogrounds gather casino enthusiasts from all parts of the world. Gambling aficionados can enjoy live streams and interact with each other. 

Over the years, the platform established itself as reliable and trustworthy, allowing players to exchange experiences, knowledge, and feelings about online gambling. The platform comprises a Youtube channel and an online gambling forum. 

Professional Gambling Forum

Some believe there are no people living from gambling. However, in reality, these people are not pink unicorns. Indeed, there are players who earn a living from gambling. Take Phil Ivey as an example. One of the best all-around poker players and a living legend of the game managed to earn around $26 million from live poker tournaments only. Not to mention cash games and sponsorship contracts. 

Hence, you’ll find many forums covering professional gambling subjects. There, you can learn more about people who are considered professionals. By visiting such threads, you can find out more about their everyday life, routine, tactics and maybe pick up a strategy or two. 


The gambling forum attracts players who like to think outside the box. In other words, the goal of the GamblersForum is to entice players to develop new strategies and approaches, among many other things. However, the website mostly comprises serious treads related to popular casino games such as:

  • Roulette
  • Blackjack
  • Poker
  • Video poker
  • Craps
  • Sports betting
  • Horse and dog racing
  • Keno and lottery
  • Slots
  • Baccarat and more.

Here you can learn about strategy and tactics first-hand from acknowledged and experienced players. 


We all know how horse racing can be exciting. This is why this type of sports betting is one of the most popular sections among gambling venues worldwide. Experienced horse racing bettors and professionals have gathered in one place to share their knowledge with those who grew to love this betting section. 

Gambling Losses Forum

By visiting online gambling forums, you can enhance your skills and start seeing the casino world from a different perspective. Ultimately, the goal is to increase your winning potential. However, gambling forums can also be helpful when generating stop-loss strategies. But it doesn’t end there. The gambling forum focused on casino losses can help you cope with your bad streaks and lift your self-esteem. 


The platform features a variety of topics. Some threads are tactics-related. In other words, you can learn more about the mechanisms of each game and the way how to implement a specific strategy that works the best. On the other hand, you’ll find many topics about people who’ve lost a lot of money while gambling. You can learn from other people’s bad experiences and perhaps prevent yourself from going bust in the future.

This is not a gambling forum per se. However, the platform features several interesting topics concerning gambling losses. Here you can learn how people cope with huge losses that have changed their lives for good. You’ll also find some valuable pieces of advice you can use to balance your budget and strengthen your mindset. 

Gambling Addiction Forum

Usually, gambling-related review websites and gambling addiction subjects rarely go together. But, we take this matter seriously. Wins and losses, joy and sorrow, are all part of one gambler’s life. However, some tend to take their passion to the next level. Gambling is fun and exciting in its essence. Unless it becomes one’s obsession. 

This is why it’s vital to spread the word about gambling addiction as a means of prevention. We always advise our visitors to gamble responsibly and visit the gambling forum if needed. In addition, we recommended several platforms dedicated to gambling addiction.  


If you feel gambling is affecting your everyday life, maybe it’s time to call someone to help. GamCare offers a vast ocean of possibilities for those seeking assistance. You can pick between several channels of communication, including a phone number, live chat, and forum. 


The website is open for all who like to discuss their feelings about online gambling. Moreover, if someone you care about is affected by gambling problems, you can share your concerns on the forum, get some valuable tips and connect with people who are ready to help. 

Gamblers Anonymous

The platform offers valuable tips on preventing gambling addiction in the first place. Additionally, people can use the forum to connect and discuss addiction-related topics. Moreover, the platform encourages people to discuss their issues and connect people through various meetings openly. 

In Conclusion

The Internet is a perfect place for exchanging experiences and opinions about online gambling. Visiting the gambling forum can be beneficial to both experienced punters and casino novices. Here you can learn more about the world of online casinos, learn a few tricks and discuss potential threats. If you need any help coping with gambling addiction, rest assured there are people ready to jump in and give you a helping hand. 

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