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Skrill is a well-known e-wallet with a years-long tradition within the online transactions field. If you’re a frequent buyer or seller on the Internet, chances are you’ve already met Skrill. Also, as Skrill is accepted within most online casinos, you have at least seen the logo. 

On this page, we’re going to introduce you to Skrill casinos. We’ll also explain the benefits, advantages, and disadvantages of Skrill in general. Beyond that, we’ll guide you through the account creation and show you how to deposit and withdraw money in several simple steps that anyone can understand.

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What is Skrill?

Skrill is an online payment platform, also known as an e-wallet. A similar platform you’re undoubtedly familiar with is PayPal, so if you understand how that one works, you won’t have problems with Skrill, either. 

They use multiple currencies and connect well with many different payment methods to use them for middle-managing your money. Think of Skrill as an account that stores your cash online, protected with your email and password. You can then use the money to pay directly from Skrill or withdraw the money to other banking methods such as a credit card or directly to your official bank account. 

Skrill is a UK company, and it has been in operation since 2001. Their first name was Moneybookers. However, in 2013, they rebranded to Skrill while keeping a similar business model and the same features and operations. The main difference is that Moneybookers used to focus on gambling and eSports, while Skrill’s idea is to get closer to the wider audience (which they seem to be doing well). 

How To Find Skrill Casinos Online?

Our casino review section features some of the best global gaming platforms, and over there, you can find many reputable Skrill online casinos. 

Once you open an individual casino review page, head to the Payment Methods heading. There, you should find a list. If Skrill is listed, you’ve found what you’re looking for. 

The good thing is that most casinos offer Skrill, both for deposits and withdrawals. So you definitely won’t be in a situation to make a compromise just to find a Skrill-accepting casino. 

Skrill Online Casino Registration Guide

Skrill registration is fairly easy, yet you’ll have to invest some time to fill in the right information and verify the data. As this is a money-related service, the authentications are a little more complex compared to creating an account on some random platform. 

The good thing is that opening a Skrill account is free, and you won’t need to provide or collect anything except your phone and email. 

During the verification process, you’ll be asked to deposit $5. However, that money will still be yours, just transferred to a Skrill account.

And now, let’s guide you through the registration process for Skrill and Skrill Casinos.

  1. Before you jump into the registration, make sure to turn off any VPNs or private modes on your browser.

  2. Open and click on the purple Register button.

  3. Enter your first and last name, country, currency, email, and password.

    Make sure to pick the right currency that you’re using, or you’ll have to pay an extra fee for currency exchange

  4. Read the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, and proceed to the next step by clicking on the Register button.

  5. Now you are asked to fill in the personal details.

    Enter your address, and make sure to use the valid one as you’ll have to confirm it during the verification. The same applies to your phone number. You’ll be asked to verify the phone number by receiving an SMS. 

  6. Wait for the six-digit SMS and copy it in the given box online.

    Now your account should be set. 

Now, although you’ve set your account, it would be smart to activate a Two-Factor Authentication. 

2FA increases your account security by adding another layer to your logins. Once you activate it, after you enter your email and the password to access Skrill, you’ll be asked to confirm the login using your mobile device. So even if someone has your login details, he won’t be able to log in as they don’t have your phone as well. 

To enable 2FA for Skrill casino safety, follow these steps: 

  1. Open your Skrill account and locate settings on the left side. 
  2. Open the Security tab.
  3. Click on the 2 Factor Authentication and turn it on. 
  4. Now you’ll see a message asking you to install Google Authenticator, which you can do by downloading an app from the Google Play Store or Apple store. 
  5. Now from your Google Authenticator, scan the QR code displayed on your Skrill account. 
  6. Once you scan it, fill in the Key and click Verify. 

Now you’ve officially created a Skrill account with another layer of security, and you’re ready to connect it with your casino of choice. 

Skrill Casinos

How To Make a Casino Deposit Using Skrill?

Once your Skrill account is ready, it’s time to connect it with your casino and make the deposit. Let’s assume that you already funded your Skrill account, and you have a sufficient balance to transfer to your online casino account. 

Now all that’s left is to open the casino page, find a section where you enter the deposit details, click on Skrill, and connect the accounts. 

How To Withdraw Funds From Skrill Casinos?

The withdrawal process is even easier than the deposit. Once you accumulate some cash through your slots, card, and table games, it’s time to cash it out.

Simply find the withdrawal section, select Skrill as a withdrawal method, enter your details followed by the amount you want to send, and the money should appear on your Skrill account soon.

Keep in mind that some casinos might delay the process with additional verifications so that accumulate you might wait for the winnings for up to a few working days. 

However, more and more casinos are trying to hasten their transaction processes, and you might find one that pays out instantaneously. 

Skrill Casinos: Transfer Fees

Skrill advertises as a fee-free platform; however, there are still some transfer fees that you should keep in mind before you start using this payment method. 

Also, it’s important to differentiate casino withdrawal and deposit fees from Skrill fees. 

First, casino withdrawal and deposit fees are set by the casino. Each one offers specific rates for transactions, and your goal is to find a casino with the best rates.

Most casinos on our list offer transactions at no additional cost. Some might include a small percentage wins on withdrawals only, and that amount shouldn’t exceed 3%. 

Deposits are mostly free of charge, as the casino wants you to deposit money as soon as possible, without hesitating due to any sort of fees. Yet once you collect enough money for withdrawal, you won’t care as much. 

Now back to the Skrill fees – those fees apply when you try to send the money to another platform or withdraw it to your credit card or a bank account. There might also be fees associated with deposits, as you’ll also need to fund your Skrill account before transferring money to a casino. 

If you’re using wire transfers, AmEx, Diners Club, JCB, MasterCard, Visa, fast bank transfers, Paysafe Cash, Rapid Transfer, or Trustly, your fees will be 0%. 

If you opt for Bitcoin, Neteller, or Paysafe card, fees will be 1%. 

Withdrawal fees are a bit higher, and most charge a fixed amount.

To withdraw money from Skrill to your bank account using a regular wire transfer or Swift, you’ll pay approximately $6. If you want to send money to your credit cards, the fee will be around 7.5%.

How Long Does It Take To Move Cash Into a Skrill Casino’s Betting Account Using Skrill?

As we’ve already discussed, the processing times depend on the casino itself, as Skrill processes their transaction instantly. Also, there is a big difference between deposits and withdrawals. 

If you want to move cash into a betting account using Skrill, you’ll most likely be able to achieve that in no time. As soon as you transfer the money from Skrill, a casino or a bookmaker is going to accept that immediately. 

However, if you want to make the transaction the other way around, you might need to wait for the casino’s approval, which can take from 1 to 5 working days. 

What Are the Benefits of Using Skrill as a Payment Method? 

Skrill has a decent market share in the payment provider field, and now let’s see the reasons behind this notable success. 

Several Other Payment Method Integrations

Once you open Skrill, this can become your main payment method for an array of transactions. However, chances are you’ll have to connect Skrill with other accounts, whether to send or receive money. 

This is not a problem here, as Skrill accepts bank transfers, cash deposits, credit and debit card transfers, other e-wallet transfers, and even cryptocurrency transfers. This is a great starting point for linking all your accounts in one place. 

Fast Checkouts

Skrill casinos offer the famous One-Click checkout, where you can fill in all the needed information with just one click. So when you use Skrill to pay for something, you won’t need to type your name, address, contact, and the rest of the information, as everything will be automatically filled. 

Mass-Payment System

This section is especially important for business clients, as Skrill accepts multiple currency payments of up to 3,000 recipients. This is extremely helpful for online businesses, merchants, and vendors who would otherwise have to enter everything manually. 

Convenient Online Transactions Regardless of the Device

Back when it was released, Skrill used to work as a simple website where you could finish the basic online transaction. Now, as the software is well-developed, you can use it through your dedicated smartphone app and access it using any device. Transactions have never been easier, and you can send or receive money in just a few clicks on your computer, smartphone, or tablet. 

Responsive Customer Support

As money is a sensitive topic, it’s always good to have someone watching your back. In this case, it’s Skrill’s customer support that will help with all your questions and potential problems. They are responsive and will reply in a matter of minutes.

The Company Is Fully Licensed and Regulated 

Skrill is not some type of shady online portal. In fact, it’s a real, brick-and-mortar company based in the United Kingdom with real offices, departments, and employees. They are also regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, making them fully legal and secure. 

Skrill Casinos: Alternatives 

While Skrill is a truly amazing payment service, there are a few direct competitors that you can consider. Here, we’ll list the most common ones, together with the main features, advantages, and disadvantages.


PayPal is the most popular global e-wallet, and the benefits are connected mostly to its global reputation. The benefits of using PayPal online casinos include a fully encrypted system with decent discounts and rebates. As the service is available in 200 countries, merchandisers often accept it as a payment method. 

On the downside, you’ll have to pay for the high fees that are increasing every year. PayPal is a common target for hackers and phishing attacks because of its popularity, so you should be very careful with this one. 


Neteller is quite popular within the gambling industry. It’s often the first choice for many casino players and sports bettors.

The perks of Neteller online casinos include high limits for payouts, decent loyalty bonuses, and the possibility to claim a physical Neteller MasterCard. On the downside, there are many negative comments across the Internet associated with this service, noticeably more than those about Skrill casinos. 


Payoneer is an e-wallet famous among entrepreneurs and freelancers, as they can easily get paid through this platform. Many big global companies included Payoneer in their partner list, so you can withdraw money from UpWork, Amazon, and a few more big online players with minimum fees. There is also a prepaid card that you can order, and the card is available in three different currencies – the United States dollar, euro, and British pound. 

On the downside, Payoneer cards often have high renewal fees, and 24/7 support is not available. 


Revolut is not as famous, as it’s available within only 36 different countries (compared to around 200 for other payment methods). Some players might choose this method due to a decent selection of benefits for premium subscription members and group vaults. 

On the downside, there are no physical branches of Revolut, and its customer support is quite bad. 


As an anonymous payment service, WebMoney is the choice for many gambling-related activities. This e-wallet is completely safe, secured, and encrypted to save your privacy from the outer world. The transactions here are fast, and you can count on instant money anytime. 

On the downside, WebMoney is still a developing service, with frequent errors encountered along the way. 

Skrill Casinos: Conclusion

Skrill is a convenient, reliable, and secure payment method for online casinos. Its transactions are mostly instantaneous, and you won’t have to spend your money on excessive fees like with other payment providers.

With 160,000 online portals accepting Skrill, this is certainly one of the main payment methods when it comes to gambling. Once you start investigating withdrawal and deposit methods within online gaming platforms, you’ll realize that most of them accept Skrill with beneficial rates. 

On this page, we explained to you in detail how to create a Skrill account, how to deposit, and how to withdraw money. Also, we showed you the main benefits and features that can be a good reason to sign up at Skrill casinos. When it comes to gambling transactions, Skrill is a hard one to beat, to be sure!


Which casinos take Skrill?

Most online casinos offer Skrill as the official withdrawal and deposit method. Head to our casino review section and find the Payment section. Once you see it, you’ll see if the casino offers payments through Skrill.

Can you gamble with Skrill?

Yes, you can gamble with Skrill. All you have to do is connect the casino or bookmaker account to your Skrill account and transfer the funds. Once you win some cash, you can also use Skrill as a withdrawal method to take back your winnings.

How do I use Skrill online casino?

Using Skrill in online casinos is fairly simple, and on this page, we explained how to do it in detail. The key thing is to create a Skrill account and connect it with the casino platform of your choosing.