Gambling is mainly based on luck (at least when it comes to the majority of casino games). That said, it comes as no surprise gamblers often believe in superstitions, perform rituals, and carry lucky charms. Similarly, they tend to avoid specific things when they head to the casino, be it online or brick-and-mortar. 

So, the whole world of gambling is marked by strange beliefs and rituals, lucky symbols, and so on. For instance, various slot machines feature an Irish luck theme and, accordingly, are packed with symbols like four-leaf clovers and horseshoes. So, you’ll be encountering multiple lucky gambling symbols while engaging in real-money gaming. 

What Is Lucky for Gambling?

There’s a variety of things that gamblers do when visiting a casino. You have already seen many of those in the movies or series. Even though such rituals and habits often seem pointless, gamblers believe they can better their fortune and bring them more cash. 

Here are some things considered to be lucky for gambling:

  • Blowing on dice before throwing them 
  • Holding your fingers crossed
  • Wearing clothes that brought you luck in the past
  • Knocking on wood
  • Carrying a lucky charm

Namely, you’ve probably seen the ritual of blowing on dice in plenty of movies about Las Vegas. Of course, you can do this only in games that include dice, such as craps. Also, it’s difficult to perform this when playing the game online. However, blowing on dice is considered to bring good luck, so you can try it out whenever you get the chance. 

In addition, holding your fingers crossed may also better your fortune. You can try doing it for someone else as well if you wish them to win. Simultaneously, carrying lucky charms or gambling symbols and wearing lucky clothes can make you feel more confident and fortunate. Many gamblers do it, and the best part is that you can use anything as a lucky charm or a piece of clothing. The socks, four-leaf clovers, or even a chip may bring you luck. 

Aside from performing specific rituals to better their fortune, gamblers also avoid doing some things when playing real-money games. For instance, placing a bet on a number 13 in roulette or crossing your legs is considered unlucky. Fortunately, you can always knock on wood to shoo bad luck away, even if you do something unlucky. 

What Do the Symbols on Slot Machines Mean?

As mentioned earlier, slot machines and their online counterparts are often packed with symbols associated with good luck. Hence, you’ll frequently encounter a slot game with Irish luck or a similar topic featuring plenty of gambling lucky graphics and symbols. They include:

  • The number seven
  • Joker
  • Horseshoes
  • Four-leaf clovers
  • Leprechauns
  • Rainbows
  • Golden coins
  • Dragons 
  • Maneki cat, and many more

Lucky Animals & Creatures as Gambling Symbols

If you ever start the slot game featuring a Japanese or a Chinese topic, you’ll probably note many lucky symbols related to these cultures. Hence, dragons, Maneki cats, and similar animals and creatures are often the most paying symbols in those slot games. 

Four-Leaf Clovers and an Irish Luck Topic

Similarly, slots based around the Irish luck topic usually feature four-leaf clovers, rainbow, and leprechauns. Also, horseshoes and golden coins are frequently present in those games, either as symbols or graphics in the background. As in the case of Japanese or Chinese themed games, those symbols are often the most generous or special (wild or scatter) ones. 

Vintage Slots & Lucky Seven Symbol

Finally, you’ll probably find plenty of gambling lucky symbols in vintage slot games. Most of them are fruit-themed and feature lemons, watermelons, and similar symbols. However, fruits are often the low-paying symbols, whereas the high ones are typically shaped as lucky sevens, jokers, horseshoes, or similar. 

Is Gambling Just Luck?

Regardless of gambling symbols, luck is a crucial factor in real-money gaming. Many games are based entirely on it, including slot machines, scratch cards, and so on. And even when it comes to the games that require specific skills and knowledge, the element of luck is still vital. 

For example, slots work with the RNG chip, which makes sure all outcomes are entirely random. Many other games function based on the same principle, including online roulette. Thus, players can’t manipulate or affect the outcome in any way whatsoever. But every game of chance offers you specific winning odds, and if luck works in your favor and you’re good at money management, you can beat the house. 

Nonetheless, some casino games work differently and enable you to take control. As mentioned earlier, you still need to get lucky to win. But if you know how to play the game properly, you can at least prevent losing too much money. 

Video Poker

If you like slots but prefer controlling the game over letting the luck and gambling symbols do all the work, you can go with video poker. This game is typically based on a three-card draw poker and requires skills and knowledge. The most famous video poker games are Jacks or Better, Deuces Wild, and Joker Poker. 


There’s a variety of poker games available at online casinos. From Carribean Stud to Texas Hold’em, poker games come in diverse shapes and forms. All of them are partially based on luck. However, experienced, skilled players can win it only by using their brains. Just remember that poker is the only casino game played against other gamblers (not the house).


Even though it’s more based on luck compared to poker, playing blackjack requires multiple skills. Namely, blackjack is the only casino game with a flexible house edge. In other words, if you play it well, you can increase your odds. Many gamblers play blackjack professionally and manage to earn their living that way. 

How Do You Become a Lucky Gambler (Without Lucky Gambling Symbols)?

If you wish to better your winning odds, the first thing to do is learn the skills you need. Every casino game, no matter how easy it is, requires money management. When placing bets, you should consider multiple factors, such as your bankroll, the game’s house edge or return-to-player percentage, etc. Also, there’s a variety of betting strategies you can use. 

As mentioned earlier, playing specific games requires additional skills. So, if you wish to become better at blackjack, you should learn the basic strategy chart. The same goes for poker, video poker, and similar casino games. 

Finally, you can also come up with your own rituals when heading to the casino. For instance, if wearing clothes that previously brought you good fortune makes you feel more confident, you should go with it. Lucky charms often have the same effect, and there’s no reason not to carry them with you.

What Is the Best Lucky Charm for Gambling?

The best lucky charm is the object that means something to you, and it could be anything. For example, a Nazar Boncuğu Amulet is a pretty common lucky charm used by various gamblers. Some other things include laughing Budha, Maneki-Neko, Hamsa Hand, and so on. Those objects are small enough and allowed to be carried into the casino. 

Nonetheless, you don’t need to limit yourself to the standard lucky gambling symbols. As mentioned before, a lucky charm can be anything you like, from a bracelet you got for your birthday to a stone you found on the beach last summer. As long as that specific object makes you feel more confident about your skills, you should feel free to bring it with you.

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