Reactoonz 2 Slot Review

Reactoonz 2 Slot Review

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Play’ n GO powers the Reactoonz 2 slot. It is the long-awaited sequel of the 2017 Reactoonz game. This cascading grid slot features a 7×7 grid and is brimming with bonus features. It’s available on all devices starting at 20p per spin. 

The goal is to create winning clusters that bring Electric Wilds into play. This symbol charges in the Quantumeter. Additionally, Energoon, Gargantoon wilds, and 2x multipliers are available through 4 Quantumeter levels. Below is everything you need to remember about this slot.

Reactoonz 2 Theme, Graphics & Overall Presentation

It is easy to recognize the opening look. The game maintains a 7×7 format with a blue background and a fast soundtrack. However, the right-hand side has gone through several modifications. Two new meter/charge areas light up when cluster wins accumulate. Play’n Go has taken a more “give ’em the same, but a little more of it” approach to design.

Reactoonz 2 is available on any device, mobile or desktop. You can place bets starting at 20 p/c and ending in 100 EUR per spin. Although the sequel has similar stats, the RTP has dropped slightly to 96.2% using the default setting. Volatility is still high (8/10), so players have the option to enjoy the same fine-tuned math model as the original. This aspect is certainly one of the highlights.

Expect to see return performances from the same eight characters that make up the regular symbols in the paytable. These characters exist in two groups: the one-eyed and the two-eyed. When five or more matching symbols touch vertically or horizontally, players win. Clusters of 15+ can be as high as 500x the stake. In other words, value has taken a hit for the highest-paying premiums.

The four remaining symbols are wilds with varying abilities. The uncharged wild is the least desirable. These wilds sometimes appear on cascades, but they do not create wins by themselves. However, they can become electric wilds near a win or trigger the Wild Pair Explosion.

Reactoonz 2 Slot RTP & Wager Limits

As previously mentioned, this online slot title features a 7×7 grid. You can win combinations by landing five or more symbols in clusters, but they must be close to each other. The payout is greater the larger the cluster.

You can play from 20p up to 100 EUR/GBP per spin. An Auto Play function allows you to select up to 100 auto-spins. You can use this function to automatically stop the spins when your balance changes, decreases, or when you activate a bonus feature.

The game’s RTP stands at 96.2%, which is slightly higher than the 96% slot average but still lower than the Play ‘n Go standard. The slot’s score is 8/10 when it comes to variance, meaning that it’s in the medium-high bracket. The maximum win is 5,083x stake per spin.

Reactoonz 2 Slot Review Symbols


The Reactoonz 2 slot boasts a cosmos theme and uses extraterrestrials as the centerpiece. The symbols exist in a playful parallel universe and appear within a grid of 7×7. In other words, this title is similar to the original Play’ n GO game.

All the Reactoonz original characters represent bright and colorful symbols. There are four small Reactoonz and four large Reactoonz. The pink Reactoonz symbol with 15 or more characters landing in a cluster pays 500x your total stake.

The Wild Gargantoon symbol is also available. To help you form winning combinations, this character can replace all other symbols. Reactoonz 2 introduces two new wilds: the Electric Wild and the Energoon wild. We’ll discuss these soon.

Mobile Gaming 

You can play Play’ n Go slots on any device, including tablets and smartphones. Mobile play is effortless, thanks to the compact grid layout. The high-definition graphics, animations, and clarity on smaller screens make it a great choice.

Special Features

The Reactoonz 2 slot comes with four bonus features. There are also standard cascades, but the key is to find winning clusters.

Electric wilds appear when players land a winning cluster. These wilds replace symbols and can remove other symbols from the grid. The Quantumeter charges up when an electric wild is a part of a win. Each level gives you Energoon wilds that can grow up to 3×3. A 2x multiplier applies to level 4.

Cascading Feature

The Cascading feature activates when you have a winning combination of 5 or more matching symbols that land in a cluster. When new symbols replace the winning symbols, the winning symbols disappear from the grid. This aspect allows for consecutive wins and continues until there are no more wins.

Uncharged wilds appear on the grid at the start of the spin. They can be inactive or act as blockers until they charge up, which can happen by creating a winning cluster next to the Uncharged wilds. Alternatively, they also charge up if two electric wilds have charged up previously and become active in Reactoonz 2.

Fluctometer Feature

The Fluctometer is in the top right corner of the grid. The Fluctometer chooses the Lil’Goon symbol as the fluctuating symbol for each spin. A single electric wild can appear on any vacant position if fluctuating symbols form a winning cluster.

The Fluctometer charges when the fluctuating symbol disappears. This process happens when the fluctuating symbol disappears from a cluster or electric wilds destroy it. When the meter is complete, you will randomly receive 1, 2, or 3 electric wilds on the grid. This feature is the Fluctometer. The Fluctometer feature allows electric wilds to replace symbols and removes any goon instances from the grid.

Quantumeter Feature

In Reactoonz 2, the Quantumeter summons the Energoon or Gargantoon wilds onto a grid. The Quantumeter charges up when an electric wild becomes part of a cluster or zaps any Reactoonz. Each symbol is one charge.

The Quantumeter is an electric wild charger that removes non-wild symbols. Here’s what you can expect with four levels of charge:

  • Level 1: 55 charges
  • Level 2: 85 charges
  • Level 3: 110 charges
  • Level 4 (Overcharge): 135 charges

An Energoonz activates when you reach levels 1 and 2. You can recharge the Quantumeter with additional symbols, which re-energizes Energoons until you reach level 3. Levels 1 and 2 offer this feature.

  • Level 1: Unleashes 4 1×1 Energoon Wilds onto the grid
  • Level 2: Releases a massive 2×2 Energoon wild onto the grid

The Gargantoon in Reactoonz 2 activates once you have reached level 3. Additionally, you can recharge your meter once you reach level 3. However, you can charge it more to get a 2x multiplier for your Gargantoons. Once you reach level 3, you play each level consecutively.

  • Level 4: Gargantoon wilds adds a 2x multiplier to all wins
  • Level 3: Unleashes a huge 3×3 Gargantoon
  • Level 2: Unleashes two mega 2×2 Gargantoons
  • Level 1: Unleashes 4 1×1 Gargantoons

Wild Pair Explosion Feature

The Wild Pair Explosion feature activates if there are two or more electric wilds left on the grid following the above. Here are the possible outcomes:

  • Two electric wilds placed next to each other will cause all symbols on the grid to disappear (except wilds) to create a cascade. There will be two randomly selected electric wilds if there are more than 2
  • All symbols that fail to win on the cascade disappear. The cascades continue until there are no more adjacent wilds

If there are multiple electric wilds on the grid, but they are not close to each other, the game selects two randomly and draws a line between them. After drawing the line, all symbols along it disappear. The process continues until there are less than two electric wilds.

Final Verdict

Reactoonz 2 is all about winning combinations that bring you electric wilds. The Quantumeter charges up thanks to the wilds, and it has four levels. Subsequently, the Quantumeter then charges up the Gargantoon wilds, which can grow up to 3×3. A 2x multiplier also applies to your level 4 (overcharge).

We recommend playing a few demo spins of this straightforward slot game before you start wagering real money. You will see bigger wins when you reach levels 3, 4, and 5 in the Quantumeter. These wins are especially likely with the 2x multiplier. Cascading can result in many consecutive spins that can quickly add up to wins of up to 3,000x stake per spin.

Therefore, you can win big by accumulating winning clusters. The electric wilds will zap symbols that charge the Quantumeter. The Energoon wilds will be available at higher levels, leading to doubled payouts.

Overall, Reactoonz 2 is an exciting and fast-paced slot that offers a lot of entertainment. It all depends on how you view grid slots. Big Time Gaming’s Star Clusters Megaclusters slot has a similar theme to grid slots but offers bigger payouts. Good luck!

Play’n GO
0.2 - 100
Coin Range
Cluster Pays

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