HammerFall Slot Review

HammerFall Slot Review

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If you are a fan of stone-power-magic-hallelujah-prophet metal, then, boy do we have a treat for you. Play’n GO HammerFall slot coils medieval fantasy with holly metal of the HammerFall band to bring you the ultimate, raging slot experience.

But is this slot only a feeble game prettied with a lot of makeup, or is this slot the real messiah we’ve been waiting for? Well, wipe your emo mascara off of your face because you’ll be reading this review with tears of joy in your eyes!

HammerFall Slot Game Design

Welcome to the land of enchanted slot warriors where rage, fallen souls, and twilight princesses roam! Though the first impression of this game might feel menacing and relentless, the presence of our knightly avatar will make us braver and more hopeful.


The knight avatar that accompanies us during our quest is Hector – the mascot of the band HammerFall. If you are a fan of the band, you know Hector first appeared on the Swedish band’s first album, Glory to the Brave.

As you progress, Hector will change his armor and get different powers to aid you during your sessions. The animation and design are excellent and give the slot a unique and distinct identity, despite the enchanted Middle Age theme being so heavily used in pop culture.

You’ll start in the misty valley covered with yellow dusk. Hector will wear his first outfit of a yellow footman wielding a ridiculously oversized (but cool) shield and hammer, reminiscent of a paladin from Warcraft games. He will occasionally hit the reels and his shield when you score big.

As you idle, he will guard your post on the right of your reels standing in front of a tower and keeping an eye for any skellies, ghouls, and creeps that might show up (although they don’t really show up in the game. Perhaps Hector looks too menacing to them?).

As you progress further in the game, your surroundings will change, and you’ll get additional perks. On the left of your reels, there is a hammer gauge that measures when the Hammer High feature gets to be triggered. More about this leveling-up in the Features section.


Now, the best part. The music of this slot is perhaps the biggest draw this game has. If you are a fan of HammerFall, a Swedish power metal band from the 90s, this slot is a must-play.

You’ll roll the reels with four different HammerFall tracks. You start with the Twilight Princess. You get to listen to the Second To None track on the second level. At the third level, you’ll play with And Yet I Smile.

Lastly, whenever you reach the slot’s Hammer High feature, you’ll roll the reels accompanied by the same Hammer High song. This is the fastest song of them all. However, unfortunately, it plays for the least amount of time, as the feature is short.

Sound effects are also great. Whenever you win a cluster, a distorted guitar reef will play. Whenever a new set of symbols falls to the reels, a sound of a metal gate falling can be heard.

Winning combinations that fill out the hammer-meter are combinations of thunders and explosions. From time to time, you’ll hear Oscar Dronjak, the lead singer of the band, uttering phrases like: Good, Great, Incredible, Legendary, Rage, Big Win, and others that activate mini-features such as:

  • Never Forgive, Never Forget
  • One Against The World
  • Bring It
  • Chain Of Command

Whenever Hector levels up, Oscar will utter the song names that will activate features:

  • Twilight Princess
  • Second To None
  • And Yet I Smile
  • Hammer High

More about what these features do in the Feature section.

In sum, Oscar’s voice cheers you whenever it gets the chance and keeps your spirit up so you don’t fall into rage against the slot machine.


The controls are at the bottom of the reels, where you can access the settings. There is an autoplay option with 10, 20, 50, 75 spins, and 100 as the maximum. Beneath the reels, there are bet size controls. You can select quick spin options and hyperspin options.

The hyperspin option is nifty to players in a hurry. It kicks things into overdrive and can advance you further through the levels if you want to get to the feature quickly. The game works seamlessly on all platforms. 

You can play the game from your desktop or a portable device. So if you’re a fan of iPhone casinos, for instance, you’ll be able to enjoy this game hassle-free. However, we recommend you wear headphones and turn the volume up for the best experience. If you are not a HammerFall fan, you can turn the sounds off and enjoy its beautiful gameplay.

All in all, this is a well-developed game slot with tons of features. In terms of gameplay and its philosophy, it resembles some other clusters, such as Odin’s Riches. It never stops the action!

HammerFall Slot Payout – Golden Hammer

The HammerFall video slot is a seven by seven reels cluster game. It will pay you clusters of adjacent symbols formed vertically and horizontally. The minimum number of characters that will create a cluster is five and can go up to 15+.

This game offers an average RTP of 96.2%. This is a high volatility slot. That means you should expect a few big wins well worth your time. The game doesn’t consider diagonally adjacent symbols as parts of a winning cluster.

The HammerFall slot might suit all types of rollers. The bet range starts with 0.20 units and extends up to 100 units. You can easily select your preferred wagers below the reels. The bet selection is well thought out.

In terms of payout, this slot takes care of its players. The biggest win you can make during the Hammer High feature is a whopping 30,000x your current bet! That means if you bet with 100 units, you can earn an incredible sum of 3,000,000 units, which is rare with today’s usual Play’N GO slots (like Reactoonz 2, for example).

HammerFall Slot Symbols – Hector’s Riches

There are three types of symbols in this game. The first two types are the paying symbols split into higher and lower valued symbols. The third type is the wild, which can substitute paying symbols and sometimes even multiply them.

There are five types of lower-value symbols. These are all represented by colorful stone gems. They are easy to distinguish and are designed beautifully.

There are four higher-value characters that payout during the game. They carry some sort of unique symbols on them. They represent parts of Hector’s knightley outfit. Supposedly, they’ve been made out of the previous gem symbols.

The final symbol you can encounter in-game is the HF wild icon. These icons can be blue or red and sometimes carry a multiplier with them. They don’t pay out anything but are generated through special features discussed in the following sections.

HammerFall Slot Features – It’s HammerFall Time!

We can freely say that the features of this slot are some of the most exciting and explosive you can encounter today. Throughout your sessions, there will be non-stop rock. There are generating wilds, almost karaoke-like free spins, unique level advancements, and random perks.

In other words, you won’t find any action lacking with the HammerFall video slot! Read further what every one of these features means in detail.

Super Tiles And Lightning Wilds Feature

Any time you spin the reels, you’ll see blue-highlight specialized tiles for certain symbols. If symbols that appear in the super tiles are a part of a winning cluster, they will turn into Lightning wilds.

Lightning wilds act as a substitution for any other symbol. You can have as many lightning wilds as the number of winning icons in super tiles. The special treat of this feature is that sometimes lightning wilds can have x2 or x3 multipliers.

Destruction Feature

Every time you roll a non-winning spin, there’s a chance you will trigger the Destruction Feature. There are four different destruction features, and all of them get uttered by Oscar before they get implemented.

  • The Never Forgive, Never Forget feature means that one random symbol will be selected, and all of its types will move to the center of reels, destroying everything in their path.
  • The Bring It feature selects all high-paying symbols, turns some into one high-paying symbol, and destroys others.
  • The One Against The World feature selects one type of symbol. The highlighted characters will have their adjacent icons turned into them or be destroyed.
  • The Chain Of Command feature moves a chain through your reels, destroying some symbols and turning others into one same character.

Falling Symbols Feature

The critical game mechanic of the game is its falling symbols. This feature basically means you get a mini-respin. It resembles an avalanche of icons falling on the empty spaces of previous winning combinations.

The winning combination will burst and fly out to charge the hammer whenever you score a cluster. Symbols above the winning group will fall onto their place. The additional empty spots will be filled with new falling characters.

Thanks to this feature, the primary order of the symbols is shaken so you can hit more winning clusters. You can sometimes score 2, 3, 4, or even 10 winning clusters during one spin of the reels.

Hammer Charge

The most attractive feature of the slot is the Hammer Charge feature. Every time you score a winning cluster, you get to charge the hammer. The Hammer counter is located on the left of your reels and needs 25 winning symbols during a single roll to advance you to the next level and song.

You don’t need to score a cluster made out of 25 winning symbols, but you must collect them during a single spin. Thankfully this is possible with the aid of the falling symbols feature.

The First World

You start on the first level and the song Twilight Princess. Hector will guard your reels in yellow-hued armor along with his shield and hammer. As the lyrics roll, you’ll try to hit 25 or more winning clusters to advance to the next level or dimension.

If you score 25 or more points, you’ll then trigger the song’s unique feature. Twilight Princess’ feature is to call in the 2-by-2-large wild that will connect to adjacent symbols and give you more wins and hammer points.

After you are paid out, you’ll get to advance to the next world in which Hector receives a brand new shining armor, and you get to play to the tunes of the next HammerFall track.

The Second World

The second world seems more ominous than the previous. It has a reddish-brown background resembling fire smoke. This time, Hector turns into a red knight looking like a blood elf spellbreaker from Warcraft The Frozen Throne.

The Second To None song will now play out. The game mechanics are the same as in the first world. However, if you charge the hammer with another 25 winning symbols during a single spin, then you’ll unlock the Second To None feature before advancing to the next round.

The Second To None feature means that all high-paying symbols will be transformed into one matching high-paying symbol. Thanks to this, you might be able to roll more wins to charge the hammer.

The Third World

The last world you get to visit has a purple hue with an inferno-like background. You’ll see occasional comets or spells falling in the background. Hector gets even more jacked-up and will wear purple armor, this time resembling a Nightelf Warden from the Frozen Throne.

This world triggers the And Yet I Smile track. After playing in this dimension, if you get to charge the hammer with an additional 25 winning symbols in a single roll, you get to trigger the song’s feature.

This time And Yet I Smile feature will destroy all low-paying symbols on the reels. That way, you’ll end up with a vast empty space for new characters to fall and higher symbols to stack up.

After collecting the 25 winning symbols in the third world, you’ll get transported to the first world. That means you’ll be able to trigger the first world Twilight Princess feature yet again, and so on and so forth.

However, if you collect 50 winning symbols during a single spin, then you’ll advance to the Hammer High three free spins feature jacked up with all three song features. Read the following section to see how it works.

The Hammer High!

You trigger the Hammer High feature whenever you collect 50 or more winning symbols during a single spin. You’ll be teleported to a hellish dimension, and Hector will get badass flaming red armor with a horned helmet and enormous black wings.

HammerFall Slot Review; the Third World

This feature will award you three free spins. Although this might feel like a small reward, it isn’t, thanks to three song features you get to use. Here’s what we mean:

  • After the first spin, the Twilight Princess feature will trigger, allowing you to score even more winning clusters
  • After the second spin, the Second To None feature will begin.
  • After the third spin, the And Yet I Smile feature rolls in.

You can’t retrigger the Hammer High feature during this bonus game, although sometimes you’ll be able to score enormous numbers of winning clusters.

HammerFall Slot Final Thoughts – A Slot Second to None

After playing this slot for a while, we are happy to say we highly recommend it. This is a well-designed, modern, exciting, and beautiful 2021 Play’n GO video slot. It offers packs of features and great soundtracks.

The gameplay is enriched with a great theme of the fantasy knighthood of Hector, HammerFall’s famous and mighty mascot. You’ll enjoy every second of it even if you get to a losing streak, thanks to the helping Destruction feature.

If you are a fan of HammerFall and fantasy video slots that offer great visuals, multiple features, and a superb soundtrack, then we say go for it.

Lastly, always remember: Glory to the Brave!

Play’n GO
0.20 - 100
Coin Range
Cluster Pays

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