Gates of Olympus Slot Review

Gates of Olympus Slot Review

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We’ve seen tons of Greek-mythology-inspired slots. You’d think that hiking tours to Mount Olympus would offer long night sessions of all these video slots clustered at the summit at this point.

We know it’s hard to make a stand-out amidst all those games. One might be a fool or brave enough to take on these ancient themes in 2021. Which one will Pragmatic Play be? Read our review of the Gates of Olympus to find out!

Gates of Olympus Slot Design – Take The Flame of Olympus

The Gates of Olympus video slot is a game from Pragmatic Play that saw the light of day in February of 2021. It offers All Ways Pays across a six-by-five play area. Here’s how they look and sound when you engage with them.

Gates of Olympus Graphic Design

This is a well-executed video slot. Its animations, colors, and shapes are precise, crisp, and polished. 

However, the overall first glance at the slot does not yield a stellar impression. The general color scheme seems to be like golden potato-red, if we may say so. And by that, we mean despite all that shine coming from reels frames and gem-like symbols, the shininess is somehow muted by a potato-brown-purple layout of the reels.

Add multiple Candy-Crush-like colors to the equation, and you get a mess. There are also questionable design choices when it comes to higher-paying symbols. More on that in the Slot Symbols section.

Zeus will hover above the plateau of Olympus on the right of the reels. He’ll occasionally aid you in your quest of getting a fortune by throwing lightning bolts on your reels that generate multipliers.

Although the graphical choices are somewhat busy, the gameplay is easy to track. You won’t be lost amidst all these colors. In addition, there is a table that tracks all your wins located on the bottom left of the reels. Once you get the hang of it, you’ll concentrate on your tactics rather than the looks of the slot.

We like the design of the slot more when the feature is triggered. The night falls, and the lightning bolts feel more ominous and powerful. Flames of Olympus will turn napalm-blue, and all the Ante bets will clear out from the left of the screen, making it more minimal.

Gates of Olympus Slot Review Symbols

Gates of Olympus Sound Design

The base game music is a low-key but grand, new-age tech chorus soundtrack, though composed for ancient times. It features harp leads, and synthetic background voices stapled with 80s-like echoed drumming. It won’t bother you, but it won’t intrigue you, either.

Whenever you advance to the Free Spins feature, things will get more interesting. A different soundtrack resembling a somewhat Celtic “Pirates of the Caribbean” theme will play out. This is a pumped-up tune that goes well with the claps of thunder you’ll hear during the feature.

The ound effects aren’t exactly unique. However, the game will thunder whenever it gets a chance. Whenever you score a “big win” or a “sensational win,” however, the music will become a little goofy, sounding like it’s made for a “Just for Laughs” show, rather than a “Mighty Zeus” video slot.

Gates of Olympus Slot Payout – Zeus’ Rules

The Gates of Olympus slot has a slightly above-average RTP of 96.5%. Keep in mind that this is a very high-volatility game. Prepare for not so frequent payouts, but more than profitable when they land. The maximum you can win per spin is x5,000 the bet. In other words, the highest bet of 100 units will reward you with 500,000 units during a single spin.

The minimum bet you can make is 0.20 units, and the maximum you can stake is 100 units. 

The Gates of Olympus video slot may fit mid-rollers and high-rollers the best. If you are a penny roller, the entry point of 0.20 units might be adverse, especially when you consider the slot’s high volatility.

Gates of Olympus Slot Symbols – Expensive, Godly Toys

You can encounter three types of symbols during your Gates of Olympus gaming sessions. These can be split into low-value, high-value symbols, and symbols with unique abilities.

You will need a minimum of 8 symbols appearing anywhere on the reels to score. The maximum you can get is 30 symbols covering all reels. Sadly, there isn’t any difference between payouts of 12 or more (including 30) characters. Read further to learn how they work in-game.

Lower Value Symbols

These symbols will take the most space on your reels. There are five types of these characters, and they are all represented by beautifully designed and colorful gem-like jewels. For a bet amount of 1 unit, here’s how they’ll pay you:

  • The Blue Square Gem symbol will pay you 8-9 – 0.25, 10-11 – 0.75, 12-30 – 2 units
  • The Green Triangle Gem symbol will pay you 8-9 – 0.40, 10-11 – 0.90, 12-30 – 4 units
  • The Yellow Hexagon Gem symbol will pay you 8-9 – 0.50, 10-11 – 1, 12-30 – 5 units
  • The Purple Triangle Gem symbol will pay you 8-9 – 0.80, 10-11 – 1.20, 12-30 – 8 units
  • The Red Pentagon Gem symbol will pay you 8-9 – 1, 10-11 – 1.50, 12-30 – 10 units

As we mentioned, you won’t need to worry about the positioning of these symbols. In other words, these symbols act as scatters but without any special abilities.

Higher Value Symbols

There are four types of high-value characters. They are all represented with well-designed images of divine treasures. These artifacts will have the least chance of showing up on your reels. For the bet amount of 1 unit, here’s how they’ll pay you:

  • The Golden Grail symbol will pay you 8-9 – 1.50, 10-11 – 2, 12-30 – 12 units
  • The Golden Ring symbol will pay you 8-9 – 2, 10-11 – 5, 12-30 – 15 units
  • The Golden Hourglass symbol will pay you 8-9 – 2.50, 10-11 – 10, 12-30 – 25 units
  • The Golden Crown symbol will pay you 8-9 – 10, 10-11 – 25, 12-30 – 50 units

But before we advance to the next section, we must nitpick something here. While these symbols are excellent design-wise, we can’t help but think that they feel out of place at the reels of the Gates of Olympus slot.

Design choices featured on these icons resemble medieval-inspired artifacts more than ancient Greek mythology-inspired themes. The intricate golden details of these artifacts, in particular, break the illusion of an ancient slot. We also don’t understand how they’re related to Greek mythology, but that isn’t too relevant.

Unique Symbols

You’ll get the chance to enjoy two types of unique symbols. These all have special abilities that will either get you to the feature or allow you to multiply your bet.

The Zeus Scatter symbol will help you trigger the Free Spins feature. You’ll need a minimum of four of them in a single spin to advance to the bonus game. They can land on any reel, but only one per reel.

They will also pay you. For a bet value of 1 unit, four scatters multiply the bet by x3, five multiply by x5, and six multiply your initial bet by a whopping x100! You get 15 free spins, regardless of the number of scatters you collect in a single spin.

Winged Orb Multiplier symbols will multiply your winning combinations only. They can activate randomly during the Free Spins feature, Tumble feature, or a regular spin. You can get green, blue, pink, and red-winged orb symbols. More about their functions in the Slot Features section.

Gates of Olympus Slot Features – Sacrifices Pay Out

Three types of features boost your chances to score big. The funny part is that you can even buy some or increase their chances of landing them on your reels. Here’s our detailed take on how each of them affects your gameplay.

Tumble Feature

The first and foremost feature we want to talk about is the Tumble feature. The Tumble is activated any time you land a win on your reels. Winning symbols burst out of the reels whenever this happens, making way for new ones to fill in their slots.

This is the main game mechanic that will drive your winning combos and positively impact your bankroll. The Tumble feature can go for whatever number of times as long as you’re landing winning combinations.

In other words, the Tumble will feel like a bonus mini-spin that can make new symbols fall over and over. We think this action works very well, primarily because of the All Ways Pays philosophy.

If you look at how many symbols are needed to form a win, you can get an idea of how many new characters will appear on your reels. So, if 8 is a minimum for a win, you’ll end up with 8 additional symbols that can combine with the non-winning ones.

If you land two minimum winning paylines, you end up with 16 new symbols. And if you hit more significant wins, your scoring chances get even better!

We say that is a feature that can bring a smile to any punter’s face. If you compare this to other tumbling features such as avalanches or reactions, you might find it the best. That’s because, with the Tumble, you don’t rely on directions of paylines, nor do you think about forming clusters. It’s just tumble ‘n’ roll!

Multiplier Orbs Feature

From time to time, the great Zeus will raise his mighty hand and unleash lightning bolts onto your reels. Whenever this happens, a winged orb is summoned. These orbs give you multipliers that can amp up your winning combinations.

Gates of Olympus Mulitplier Orbs

You can get hit with at least x2 to a maximum of x500 multipliers. If you get more than one orb, their values will add on to make a combined multiplier. Green orbs have the least amount of multipliers, blue and pink orbs offer medium value, and red orbs give you the highest multipliers there are.

This feature activates randomly. However, if you get a multiplying orb on your reels, you need to score a win, or nothing happens. Orbs will not act as stickies and disappear when a new spin activates.

The great thing is that this feature works during the base game and the free spins feature. And to make things even better, during the Free Spins feature, you get to bank all the multiplier values on the side so they’ll add up to any other winning multiplier.

More about banking and adding up multipliers in the Free Spins Feature section.

Ante Bets

If you are the type of gamer that hates to wait for the goods of a slot, then you’ll like the Ante Bets Features. There are two types of Ante bets. The first bet is a straightforward pay-for-the-feature option.

Whenever your reels stop spinning, you can access the Buy Free Spins option located on the top left of your reels. This option guarantees you get a minimum of four scatters to show up on your next spin, thus triggering the Free Spins feature.

This option is a 100% guarantee of getting the bonus game. It costs x100 your current bet. You cannot change the bet amount once you activate the feature.

If x100 the bet amount feels too steep for your bankroll, then you can go with the other Ante bet. This one is located right below the Buy Free Spins option. It can be turned on and off in between spins.

This Ante bet gives you a double chance for landing scatters. It is not guaranteed that you’ll access the feature immediately after turning it on. It will apply a fee that is a quarter percent of your current bet.

In other words, if you bet with a 1 unit, then every spin with this feature on will cost 1.25 units. If you bet with 2 units per spin with the Ante bet on, you’ll need to pay a total of 2.50 units per spin. We say this one is fair compared to other Ante bets out there.

Keep in mind that your stake will increase whenever you activate the feature, but not your gains. That means you are paying an extra commission fee whenever you decide to spin with double chances of getting enough scatters to trigger the Free Spins feature.

Free Spins Feature

Whenever you land four or more Zeus scatters on your reels, you get to roll 15 free spins and enjoy the feature. It doesn’t matter if you land four or more scatters, you always get 15 free spins. Four scatters multiply your bet by x1, five by x3, and six get you x100 the bet.

During the feature, you’ll get to use the multipliers in a special way. This time, orbs that get used to multiply your winning combinations will be banked up on the left to your reels. That means any time you get new spheres and a winning combo, these will add up to your multiplier stack, so you get crazy multipliers during the feature.

Gates of Olympus Slot Review Free Spins

For instance, if you land a x2 multiplier during a free spin, it will double your win and bank up. Let’s say you get another x3 multiplier during a future win. This time your win will be multiplied by x2 + x3 = x5 multiplier. You can stack multiplier count up to x500!

However, keep in mind that if you land a multiplying orb and don’t land a win, the sphere won’t add up to your bank. Samewise, if you land a win during a free spin but don’t land an orb, the banked multipliers won’t add up to the win.

Gates of Olympus Slot Conclusion

We have to say we like the All Ways Pays mechanic, especially when combined with the Tumble feature Gates of Olympus offers. The design of the slot is questionable, yet crisp and clean.

If you are a sucker for Ante bets, great multiplier action, and frequent Free Spins, then we say you’ll find this slot more than enticing. However, don’t forget to turn the Chances off so you don’t dent your bankroll more than you should!

Pragmatic Play
0.20 - 125
Coin Range
All Ways Pays

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