Assassin Moon Slot Review

Assassin Moon Slot Review

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Microgaming, Triple Edge
0.10 - 20
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The Assassin Moon is a late 2020 slot addition from Microgaming and Triple Edge developers. It is heavily inspired by Ian Flemming’s Casino Royale, Bond movies, Mission Impossible, and other spy themes.

However, our main spy will be a charming female protagonist, Luna, who looks worthy of a Charlie’s Angel. But can this lunar slot shed enough light to be seen from the large pond of current online casino video slots? Read our review to find out!

Assassin Moon Slot Design

The Assassin Moon video slot is a five-reel, three-row game featuring 25 fixed paylines. As is the case with most other slots, it pays wine from the leftmost to the rightmost reel.

The game offers a straightforward classic reel experience with two lucrative bonus games to shake things up. Its central theme centers around a spy-like atmosphere and premise, equipped with three different soundtracks to guarantee intrigue.

Assassin Moon Appearance

As her name suggests, Luna has a linguistic connection to the Moon—or the moons in the game. She is a spy assassin that hunts a shady gray-haired villain. She wears a glamorous pink dress and a gun.

Whenever you trigger bonus games and features, your background will change slightly. For instance, when you play the Link&Win feature, you are in a green room full of money. There is also a “moon counter” on top of your reels that keeps track of a minimum of six moons you need to collect to activate the bonus.

When the free spins feature is activated, night falls, giving Luna and the Moon an excellent opportunity to pop out more and look more attractive. The symbols aren’t animated, but you’ll get to see highlighted winning paylines, and you’ll get fireworks anytime you score big in the background.

Assassin Moon Slot Symbols

You’ll find out Luna is pretty talkative right from the start. She’ll welcome you to Monte Carlo and cheer after features are triggered or after winning big. She has a pleasant voice with a British accent. She utters witty phrases like:

  • That’s right, turn it up, shoot for the moon!
  • Next stop: Monte Carlo!
  • I see you know how to play.
  • I see you know what you’re doing.
  • That worked out well!
  • Now that’s a nice reward!
  • Show me the money!
  • You and I have unfinished business.
  • Well, this is definitely the work of a professional.

…and many, many more.

Assassin Moon Slot Payout

The Assassin Moon slot offers an average RTP of 96.08%. However, if you turn the Win Booster on, you get pampered with a slightly better RTP of 96.33%. This is a high-volatility slot, so it is only logical to have a hit frequency rate of around 30.5%.

The most annoying thing we can say about the game mechanics is that you don’t get the quickspin options. You can’t hold the spacebar to spin reels as well.

If you like hitting in-game jackpots, then you’ll get a fine selection at this slot. It offers players four in-game jackpots. Mini, Minor, Major, and Mega jackpots are at your disposal and a bonus payout of 12.500x your bet if you cover reels completely in wilds.

You can get the most significant win up to 12,500x your current stake in the base game. If you are lucky, you can earn up to 250,000. At the maximum bet of 20 units, the in-game jackpots pay you as follows:

  • Mini Jackpot pays 1.000 units
  • Minor Jackpot pays 3.000 units
  • Major Jackpot pays 15.000 units
  • Mega Jackpot pays 100.000 units

You can also enjoy the Assassin Moon video slot on your portable devices. Its software runs on Android and iOS and works excellent. All controls are located on the bottom of your screen, and they are pretty responsive.

This slot is aimed at penny and mid-rollers. You can start with the lowest bets of 0.10 units. The maximum amount you can stake is 20 units per spin. You can bet at 50 units max per spin if you activate the Win Booster option.

Assassin Moon Slot Symbols

There are three main sets of characters that spin on Assassin Moon’s reels. The first two are the paying symbols divided by their values. The third set consists of three unique icons with special abilities.

Lower-Value Symbols

There are four types of lower-value characters in this slot. These four symbols feature the very familiar faces of jacks and aces. However, given that Assassin Moon’s theme depicts a Monte Carlo casino, we find these generic icons fitting.

Higher-Value Symbols

There are four well-designed theme-driven characters to spin. Each represents a spy or a casino accessory, gadget, or another character concerning Luna. You’ll also need a minimum of four on a payline to score.

Unique Symbols

Three unique icons have special abilities. These are pretty standard symbols that represent wilds and scatters. Some of them pay you, and some only trigger special features.

  • The Wild Luna symbol is a substitution for any other symbols except free spins and the Moon scatter. Whenever you get a reel covered entirely by this wild, a complete picture of the agent Luna shows up. If you get five full Luna’s Twiggy pictures on your five reels, you get a fat prize of 12,500x your bet!
  • The Free Spins Scatter symbol is a golden casino chip that says Free Spins. It only shows up on reels 2, 3, and 4. You’ll need three of these symbols to advance to the section with ten free spins. Whenever you score three scatters, you get paid 1x your bet. Scatters don’t need to form a winning payline to trigger their unique abilities.
  • The Jackpot Moon Scatters symbol is the gateway to the Link&Win bonus game in which you can score jackpots and big wins. It is represented with a full moon and a designated prize. You’ll need a minimum of six of these to trigger the bonus round. The maximum number of moons you can collect in the base game is fourteen. Scatters don’t need to form a winning payline to trigger their special abilities.
Assassin Moon Slot Moon Symbol

Assassin Moon Features

There are three significant features of the slot. However, not all of these features offer the same payouts and chances. Some of them might even give you headaches.

Free Spins Feature

The most lucrative feature of the game is, of course, the free spins feature. Anytime three scatters appear on reels 2, 3, and 4 simultaneously, you get 10 free spins. The night will fall, and Luna will invite you to test your luck on a particular condition.

You’ll get to play on the same reels as before, but this time with a big help. Reels 2, 3, and 4 will turn into one symbol per spin. However, this doesn’t mean you’ll lose all the paylines, but you’ll get those complete reels covered up by one same character!

The best part is that you can land a wild or moon symbol during these spins. You can also get 10 free spins if you land the scatter symbol on the so-called 3×3 middle jumbo block. Pro tip: turn off the Win Booster feature for the free spins!

Link&Win (HyperHold)

The most intriguing feature of the game is the Link&Win bonus game. Anytime 3 or more full moon symbols land on the first four reels, they kick into a hyperspin. Each moon symbol has a designated amount of money or Mini, Minor, or Major jackpot prize.

If you land six or more moons during a spin, you’ll have triggered the bonus feature. You’ll advance into a green room filled with money and spin reels, hoping you can cover them all with moons.

You’ll play on the same number of reels and columns. Each moon, including the ones triggering the feature, acts as a sticky. Only the empty reel spaces will spin until you get moons to land on them.

You start with three free spins. Each time you hit a new moon, the counter will reset to three spins. Remember, you can’t get more than three spins in this game. You’ll keep going until you’re out of spins or until you cover your reels and win the Mega Jackpot!

You can trigger three more jackpots during this bonus if one of the moons has their sign written on them. The Mini Jackpot gives you 50x the bet, and the Minor Jackpot is worth 150x. The Major Jackpot multiplies your bet by 750x, and the Mega Jackpot gives you a whopping 5,000x the stake!

Win Booster Feature

As discussed before, you can boost your chances of landing more moon symbols with the Win Booster option. However, we claim this is the sucker bet, as you pay a fee as significant as 1.5x your bet, but you’re not guaranteed you’ll trigger the feature.

In addition, there are a lot more possibilities to land the free spins feature when playing without the Win Booster on, as those additional Link&Win Moon symbols take a lot of space on your reels, including the reels two, three, and four where scatters land.

On the other hand, Win Booster gives you a slightly better RTP at a high price. It also doesn’t guarantee frequent bonus games. We must say that we found it you can occasionally land the Link&Win feature even without the Win Booster on.

Finally, we would argue that the Win Booster option takes away your chances of landing bigger and longer win lines than when it’s turned off. Despite its slightly better RTP, we find this option way more detrimental to your long-term gains.

In conclusion, Luna’s skills are drawn from the one and only Moon in the game. That one shows its full potential when the Free Spins night falls, and you reap consistent rewards. In other words, unless you are trying to score that Mega Jackpot, don’t fall for numerous fake moons!

Assassin Moon Slot Review: Conclusion

The Assassin Moon video slot can be straightforward fun. It can also be straightforward fun with a twist if you want to hunt for jackpots. However, it can be a Bond villain if you gamble too much with the Win Booster gimmick.

All in all, if you are hoping to spin reels while wearing a tuxedo, drinking martinis, and holding a secret weapon in your sock, then this is the slot for you. Assassin Moon offers excellent features to stir, pardon, shake things up when needed, and do so fashionably like a double o agent.

Microgaming, Triple Edge
0.10 - 20
Coin Range

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